Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate impressions so far:

* It's purdy, very much so on both versions of the game. The 3DS version is the most impressive and while the Wii U version does look better, I can't help but feel like the framerate isn't quite as solid and that the bloom effect is a little too yellowy. Also, the text is extremely small and hurts my eyes to read. Any way to work around this?

* The touch screen customization options are really great but I'm honestly fine with anything that works since I never plan on using the screen anyway.

* Haven't tried online play, but the new lobby area is pretty snazzy!

* Yep, it's pretty much the same as Tri so far. I haven't gotten to the good parts yet and I spent the first two hours on the tutorial sections/quests and wandering around.

* I freaking love the ability to use your village farm from the multiplayer mode. I hated having to go offline in the original Tri just to manage my farm and now I'll never run out of honey mid-questing!


* Where in the world is the Data Transfer application on the eShop? Wasn't it supposed to come with the game, or do I have to wait until they realize it's not there? :(

So far I remember why I love it quite a bit more than Freedom Unite, but I still wish that the game didn't take so long to start off with though. I mean, really, I greatly appreciate the tutorials and helpful info here and there, but I've played through the original game and back again. Still, awesome game, and I can't wait until I get farther!

PS: To anyone who tried or wants to try the demo, read this guide I wrote! It really helps with the steep learning curve since Monster Hunter can be pretty hardcore in general.